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Come join the Sugar High here at Sugar Drop Cafe & Dessert Boutique in Franklin, Tennessee!

We are always looking for amazing new talent with a passion for baking and FUN!

Sugar Drop is constantly offering FUN-tastic classes, events, and theme weeks that you get to be a part of if you join our team!

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Sugar Drop Store Front

Part-Time Retail Team Lead

  • Must Be 17+
  • 15-20 Hours Per Week
  • Weekends are a Must
  • Must Love Sugar
  • Sweet Discounts
  • 12.00 Per Hour + Tips

Cookie Decorator

Job Summary:

The decorator’s job is to provide the best impression of Sugar Drop through the quality of our designer cookies and ensure the customer leaves with a feeling of satisfaction and enjoyment with each item purchased.

Responsibilities include:

  • Be familiar with all Policies and Procedures
  • Daily duties include preparing and cutting dough, preparing icing, following icing patterns and designs and ability to decorate cookies timely and efficiently.
  • Familiarize yourself with the daily baking schedule and fulfill all orders in a timely manner.
  • Consult with manager to know the status of any events, classes or parties and any baked items those events will need.
  • Be familiar with all items offered and prepare them according to the recipe and the expectations of the owner.  Know how they are to look and taste once completed. All items are to be uniform in quality and appearance.
  • Keep baking area clean and free of clutter. Make sure floors and countertops are clean and free of debris and clutter. Make sure all items are washed as used throughout the day.
  • Taking out the Trash when needed to avoid a pileup.
  • Using your time wisely and efficiently – During slower times, double check orders, supplies, cleanliness, etc. Look ahead to see what items need to be prepared for the next day or refilled in the case.
  • Being organized in your production and clean up: All items, both food and nonfood items have specific places they should be stored. Be sure to place items back in those locations for everyone to be able to locate them when needed.
  • Familiarize yourself with food vendors and where items come from to avoid running out of items. Some suppliers require a bulk purchase so plan accordingly to make sure we do not order then need an immediate reorder for items left off of the original list.


  • Prior working knowledge and experience working with Royal Icing Cookies
  • Must be able to show previous design work
  • Pleasant and helpful demeanor
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Available Monday-Friday, 15-20 hours per week

Job Pay:

$15.00 per hour


Flexible Schedule

Staff Discounts

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