Crunch Bark 101 Recipe

Crunch Bark 101 Recipe

Who doesn't love a bag of homemade peppermint crunch bark during the holidays? Sugar Drop has been the crunch bark headquarters in Brentwood for almost 50 years, selling thousands of pounds of chocolate and crunch each holiday season. Crunch bark is super simple to make and can be made throughout the year by following the same ratio of ingredients 


2 Pounds Chocolate

8 oz or 1/2 Pound Crunch

By following this simple ratio you can adjust your bark flavors to each season. You can create a white chocolate and key lime crunch during the summer months, or a dark chocolate orange crunch during the fall. The classic holiday crunch is white chocolate with our red and green peppermint crunch. 


1. Melt chocolate following the Melting Chocolate 101 guidelines. 

2. Add preferred crunch to chocolate and stir until combined. 

3. Spread mixture onto a piece of heavy duty foil or parchment as thin as possible and allow it to sit approximately one hour. Break into bite size pieces and store in a zip closure bag or tin. 

Additional Recipe Ideas:

 - Spread a layer of dark chocolate over the top of white chocolate before adding crunch for a layered effect. 

- Drizzle dark, white or colored chocolate over the top before adding crunch.