Chicken Mirabella

Chicken Mirabella

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Chicken Mirabella 

Valentine’s Day can tend to bring out all the emotions. Each of us have a different story when it comes to romance and our love lives. My most romantic Valentines consisted of a last-minute road trip to Metropolis Illinois and a Steak and Shake burger. Most people I know don’t want to pay the extra for longer waits and slower service at restaurants on this particular night. Although a dinner at home might not feel as festive, I promise, Chicken Mirabella can compete with any five-star meal. Pair it with a bed of creamy potatoes and crusty bread to sop up the sauce and you are set. It is the perfect dish for one or one hundred. All the work is done the night before so the day of you just pop in the oven and let the magic happen. It’s the perfect blend of salty, sweet, earthy goodness that leaves your pallet longing for more and glad you stayed home.  

Chicken Mirabella 

6-8 Chicken Breast – the flavor is best with bone-in chicken but works great with boneless. 

1 Head of Garlic minced.  

¼ c Chopped Fresh Oregano 

½ c Red Wine Vinegar 

½ c. Olive Oil 

1 c Dried Prunes roughly chopped. 

½ c Spanish Green Olives chopped 

½ c Capers 

6 Bay Leaves 

1 tsp both Fresh Black Pepper & Sea Salt 

Marinate all the above overnight in a large oven-proof baking dish. 


1 c Light Brown Sugar 

1 c White Wine or Chicken Broth 

1/4 c Chopped Fresh Italian Parsley 


Move marinating mixture to the sides of each chicken breast. Evenly divide brown sugar among the top of the chicken breast and pat it down. Pour wine around the sides of each chicken breast to not wet the sugar. Bake for 50 minutes uncovered at 350 degrees. Top with Italian Parsley before serving.