Seasonal Menu

Assorted Leaf and Candy-shaped cookies with sprinkles and icing.

Halloween Cookie Kit


Whole Pie with dollop of whipped cream and pumpkin candy on top

Seasonal Pies

White chocolate covered pretzels oreos and other goodies

Fall Dipped Treats

Assorted Cookies Sprinkles and Icing

Fall Cookie Kit


Platter resembling a Hungry Man Meal with cookie turkey legs, icing mash, and candy peas and carrots.

Hungry Man Meal


Hocus Posuc Kit cookie assortment and cauldron with scary gummies

Hocus Pocus Kit


Friday Night Football


White Chocolate Pumjpkin Cake

White Chocolate Pumpkin Spice Cake

White Chocolate Mocha

Spooky Boo Holiday Cookies

Red Velvet Dark Night Edition

Mini Cauldron Cake with legs sticking out and spider on the side. Lilac frosting "bubbling out"

Mini Cauldron Cake

Gummy Charcuterie

Chocolate Gingerbread

CharCUTErie Halloween Box

Booberry Cake

Holiday Tuxedo Cake - Lilac and chocolate iced cake with ghosts on top

Tennessee Tuxedo Cake